Tales From The Brothers Gibb - Bee Gees

Original Release Date: 1990
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Nicholas James

Tales From The Brothers Gibb is a four-CD box set released at the same time as The Very Best of the Bee Gees in 1990. This is a luxurious release, featuring all their hit singles, most other singles, rare B-sides and other album tracks, unreleased tracks and live recordings. This is a quality package, with remastered recordings of their earlier songs.

All the hit singles on The Very Best Of are here, but it also includes lesser known singles like 'Jumbo', 'The Singer Sang His Song', 'Wouldn't I Be Someone' and 'He's A Liar'. It includes rare solo singles such as Barry's 'I'll Kiss Your Memory', Maurice's 'Railroad' and Robin's 'Toys'. Where the collection really shines, though, is with the inclusion of B-sides, many of which do not feature on albums, so are available on this CD for the first and only time. Most of these, such as 'Sir Geoffrey Saved The World', 'Sinking Ships', 'Sun In My Morning' and 'Country Woman', are excellent, and the track 'On Time' is probably Maurice Gibb's finest moment.

The only area in which the collection falls down is the 1980s. Perhaps it was considered too recent at the time, but the album fails to include the single 'Living Eyes', and excludes many of Barry and Robin's solo singles in favour of live recordings from the 'One For All Tour 1989' of songs such as 'To Love Somebody', which are already featured on the album.

However, that is a relatively minor gripe. This collection is otherwise perfect, and shows the high regard with which the group were beginning to be held at the time after their successful comeback. Own it.

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Where to Buy
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