Sunrise - Jimmy Ruffin

Date: 1980
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Nicholas James

In 1980, both Barry and Robin Gibb embarked on new separate careers as writers and producers of other artists, to give time to allow the overexposure of the Bee Gees in the late 1970s to subside. Barry's Guilty album for Barbra Streisand became her most successful album and Barry went on to write and produce albums for several leading recording artists. In the same year, Robin produced the Sunrise album for former Motown artist Jimmy Ruffin. And whilst this album did produce a Top 5 hit single ('Hold On To My Love'), the album was less well received, and Robin did not become the in-demand producer that Barry became, instead embarking on a short-lived solo career.

Despite the fact that the album did not perform well (and, in fact, is now largely forgotten, even by Bee Gees fans), it is not a bad attempt. Whilst lacking the slick production and clever songwriting that would mark the Barry-produced albums from the pack, this album includes some fine moments. Most of the tracks are written by Robin with his former Bee Gees band member, Blue Weaver.

The hit single, and its follow-up 'Night Of Love', are both catchy pop tunes, although the latter is not ideal material for Ruffin's voice. Other good tracks are 'Where Do I Go', a duet with Marcy Levy, written by all four Gibb brothers and 'Songbird', written by Barry, Robin and Maurice with Blue Weaver, and originally featured on the Main Course album, although this version is inferior to the Bee Gees original. Many of the other songs are unfortunately instantly forgettable and could have perhaps benefited from some more work.

Robin has never quite broken away as a producer on his own, and this album really illustrates why. However, he would reach major artistic heights within only three years, with the release of his sparkling solo album, How Old Are You.

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Buy Hold On To My Love compilation album (released 2005)