Soul of the Bee Gees - Various Artists

Date: 1996
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Nicholas James

Another compilation of Bee Gees songs sung by other artists. Many of the songs are well-known (and, indeed, feature on the more recent Bee Gees Songbook). However, the twist here is that these are all soul songs, and they have slipped in a few very rare gems.

'I've Gotta Get A Message To You' by Percy Sledge, 'I Started A Joke' by Richie Havens, 'Please Read Me' by Nina Simone and 'Love So Right' by Jerry Butler & Thelma Houston are all tracks that are otherwise generally unavailable on CD on a Bee Gees collection. Several of the other tracks you are unlikely to have heard before.

The album also includes Robin Gibb's 'Toys', a slightly different mix from that featured on the Walls Have Eyes album.

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Where to Buy
Buy Original CD (released 1996)