Saturday Night Fever - Original Cast Recording

Date: 1999
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Nicholas James

This is the cast of the original West End production of Saturday Night Fever, a hugely successful musical show in which the incidental music from the movie Saturday Night Fever is actually turned into a musical (i.e. songs that the cast sing rather than background music).

Most of the songs from the original Saturday Night Fever do not sound anywhere near as good as the Bee Gees originals, although it will appeal to collectors and to those who have actually seen the show. But there are some tracks on this album that should be of interest. Three Bee Gees compositions have been included that were not on the Saturday Night Fever album: 'It's My Neighbourhood', from the One album; 'What Kind Of Fool', from the Guilty album; and Immortality, written for Celine Dion. These are all interesting versions of less well-known songs. The album also features a completely new song, 'First & Last', which is mixed in with 'Tragedy'. This is clearly written with a stage show in mind and works well.

Of course, this album does not stand up against the original, which is the most famous barometer of seventies culture. But this album is fun, and how much you enjoy it depends on whether you like stage musicals and/or whether you have seen the show.

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Buy Original CD (released 1998)