Maybe Someone Is Digging Underground - Various Artists

Date: 2004
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Nicholas James

Now this compilation is something really special. Those who have explored this website thoroughly will know that there have been numerous albums released featuring the many Bee Gees songs covered by other artists. Most of them have at least one or two songs that you can't get anywhere else, making them a worthwhile buy. However, this album is very different. For a start, it concentrates on the late 1960s/early 1970s, featuring artists from all musical styles singing versions of songs written by the Gibb brothers. But what makes it really special is that the compilers have done their homework.

Most of the tracks on this album you cannot find anywhere else, some being cover versions of obscure tracks by artists that have long since disappeared off the radar of most music listeners. And many of the tracks are songs written by Barry, Robin and/or Maurice Gibb that the Bee Gees themselves have not even recorded. So at least half the songs will be new to listeners. Most Bee Gees fans would not at the time have heard Gibb songs like 'Top Hat', 'Gilbert Green', 'Town Of Tuxley Toymaker' and 'Mrs Gillespie's Refrigerator'.

I won't go into detail on each of the tracks, as this is a real mixed bag which is impossible to summarise in just a few words. However, an outstanding feature of this album is the liner notes by David Wells, which fold out into a mini poster, giving details of each track, setting out the context, history and details of the featured recording.

This is a first class package, and even includes the legendary 'Have You Heard The Word?', by The Fut, which is actually Maurice Gibb and Lulu's brother, Bill Lawrie, but also supposedly features John Lennon and Paul McCartney. It has even been featured on Beatles bootleg albums! Well, now you will get your first chance to hear the song, which features fantastic lead vocals from Maurice Gibb, and the liner notes tell the full story...

This album is an absolute gem, and should be in every fan's collection.

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Where to Buy
Buy Original CD (released 2004)