Love Songs - Bee Gees

Original Release Date: 2005
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Nicholas James

There have been several compilations of Bee Gees music in recent years. Their Greatest Hits in 2001 on Universal was a worthy package, bringing all their hits together into one double CD package. Then in 2004 we had yet another compilation from Universal (Number Ones), featuring essentially the same songs on one disc, albeit only the number ones. Now, only one year later, Universal now release Love Songs. You would be forgiven for asking, "What's the point?"

Well, there is a little bit of a point this time. OK, the cover is naff. And, yes, it is essentially another variation of the same songs featured on the Their Greatest Hits album, with a few album tracks thrown in for good measure. But on this album, we get the previously unreleased 1999 track Lovers and Friends, originally intended for a Ronan Keating album. Also welcome is Robin Gibb's superlative 'Juliet'.

But that is it, I am afraid. Fans will want to buy it for the bonus track. I can see very little reason why anybody else would wish to invest in this somewhat pointless compilation, unless they are yet to discover the Gibb Brothers' music (yes, there may be people that fall into that category, unbelievable as it may seem!). But I have given it four stars because you can't deny that the guys write the best love songs (and because of the bonus track, which is a nice touch).

Following Barry Gibb's excellent Guilty Too album and Robin Gibb's drift into the golden oldies market, this album should mark a turning point. A point at which the two brothers look to a future of new music and new directions, instead of endless compilations of old songs. This reviewer certainly has no appetite for another compilation of Bee Gees hits, nor any further reworkings of old tracks from Robin. Come on, guys. Give us something new.

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