Heartbreaker - Dionne Warwick

Date: 1982
Arista Records
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Nicholas James

This album follows the same format as the earlier Guilty album, written and produced by the Bee Gees for Barbra Streisand. Barry Gibb composes all but the last song with various combinations of Robin and Maurice Gibb and Albhy Galuten (the final song is written by Bob Hilliard and Mort Garson, but benefits from Barry Gibb's production and backing vocals).

The first track, and major hit single, 'Heartbreaker', is quite simply superb, and possibly ranks as the best song the Gibbs wrote for another artist. The following single, 'All The Love In The World' is almost as good. Other stand-out tracks are the gentle, building ballads, 'Yours' and 'Just One More Night' and the Bee Gees sounding pop ditty, 'You Are My Love'.

The album is as delightfully well-produced as Guilty, perhaps slightly more reliant on dated synthesizers, but with Barry Gibb's now trademark acoustic rhythm guitar gently driving each song forward.

The team quickly moved on to Kenny Rogers...

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Where to Buy
Buy original CD (released 1982)


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