Gotta Get A Message To You - Various Artists

Date: 1998
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Nicholas James

In 1998, at the time of their One Night Only tour, the Bee Gees were at one of their many peaks in popularity (although, it has to be said, that at this point in their career, the peaks were more regular than the troughs!) By this time, there had been a number of compilations of Bee Gees songs sung by other artists, in recognition of the number of artists who have covered their songs. In recognition of their success, and the frequency with which the charts at that time were filled with young acts singing Bee Gees covers, the Bee Gees own record label paid them the ultimate mark of respect by releasing this tribute album of classic Bee Gees songs sung by contemporary artists. This was no compilation of old tracks; this was the real deal. Almost every track was recorded especially for the project.

But was it any good? The short answer is, "yes". Some of the tracks are merely slick updates by current teen sensations of the time (911, Steps, Boyzone, Cleopatra, Louise). But several of the tracks are genuine reinterpretations, which take the songs to new dimensions. 'Massachusetts' by Space and 'To Love Somebody' by The Lightning Seeds both stand out as good reinventions. Perhaps the oddest track is Robbie Williams's contribution. With the help of The Orb, Williams dares to rerecord the mighty 'I Started A Joke'. I am not going to pass judgement about whether they do the song justice - I will let you make you own mind up (to describe it would be to spoil it!)

Gotta Get A Message To You was a worthwhile project, but was certainly not definitive. And it has certainly not stopped further releases of cover compilations.

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Buy Original CD (released 1998)