Flowing Rivers - Andy Gibb

Date: 1977
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Nicholas James

The Bee Gees younger brother, Andy Gibb, released his first ever album in 1977, 20 years after his older brothers had released their first album, Bee Gees 1st. He didn't take his first steps alone, however. The entire album was executive produced by brother Barry Gibb. Barry also wrote one song ('I Just Want To Be Your Everything') and co-wrote one song with Andy ('Love Is Thicker Than Water'). The two songs written by Barry are not a million miles away from the type of music the Bee Gees were recording in that era; extremely catchy, tightly produced contemporary pop songs. In fact, the first of the two tracks even features a falsetto chorus with Barry clearly present in the background. It is not surprising that the Bee Gees sound is evident in these two tracks as Barry also produced them.

For the remaining eight songs, however, Barry let Andy go it alone. All the other tracks are written by Andy and are a mixed bag. The sound veers from country to pop, much of it aimed at a younger teen audience than the Bee Gees. 'Words and Music' is a simple, but effective, sing-a-long, which uses Andy's strong vocals effectively. 'Too Many Looks In Your Eyes' and 'Starlight' are two emotional love songs, with shiver-down-the-spine melodies that rival his three more experienced brothers. The stand out track from the Andy Gibb-composed songs, however, is the title track. This is an up-tempo, country tinged ballad, beautifully produced by Albhy Galuten and Karl Richardson (Barry Gibb's co-producers on many early 1980s hit albums). And 'In The End' is a fitting close to the album, again using Andy's strong vocals well.

Unfortunately, the rest of the album is forgettable, mainly comprising lightweight country songs with generic lyrics and fairly generic melodies too.

It is clear from listening to this very good first album that Andy was a talented guy. His voice was almost as strong as his brothers Barry and Robin, and his song writing abilities showed promise (but was certainly not in the same league at this stage in his career, nor was he as creative in his subjects and styles). This album is a recommended buy for those wanting to find out whether Barry, Robin and Maurice's talent had rubbed off onto their younger brother. As you will find out, it had.

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