Brilliant from Birth - Bee Gees

Original Release Date: 1998
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Nicholas James

In 1998, the Bee Gees were at one of the most successful phases of their career, with a string of hit albums and singles behind them, along with a large collection of awards on their mantelpiece. So the time was perfect for Festival Records, to whom the Bee Gees were signed between 1963 and 1966, to release the definitive collection of their early material.

Festival had a difficult job. Almost every year sees the release of another budget collection of the same old songs. This album takes a different approach. It is as complete a collection of their early work as there has been, beating the previous winner, Birth of Brilliance, also from Festival. Not only is this new collection comprehensive, the songs have all been remastered, and it is presented with an authoritative liner note.

This CD features many tracks never before released on CD, such as the Bee Gees first real political record, 'And the Children Laughing', which features extremely mature, savvy lyrics. It also features numerous covers, including great versions of 'Somewhere' and 'Twelfth of Never'.

For my views on this era, and on many of the songs featured, read my review of Birth of Brilliance. But don't buy that - come back here and buy this far superior collection. You will never need to buy another budget Bee Gees album again!

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Where to Buy
Buy original CD (released 1998)